Steffi Werner, an explorer in the world of AI and creativity.


Hello, I’m Steffi Werner, and I absolutely love exploring and experimenting in the world of artificial intelligence. Art, culture, and fashion are my passions, but my talents alone haven’t always been enough to bring my creative ideas to life. However, thanks to AI, I’ve discovered a new avenue to turn my search, briefings, and adaptations into a creative process.


I’m thrilled to welcome you to my page with great enthusiasm. I hope that I can inspire you to be just as excited about this thrilling new world of AI as I am. If not, I’m still actively engaged as a realizer and planner in the world of digital and analog brand experience. Here, I often uncover fresh, creative ideas from other fantastic designers.


If you’re interested in connecting with me or learning more about my projects, simply visit my Linktree, where you’ll find various ways to get in touch.


I look forward to connecting with you and exploring new creative horizons together!

Exibition, Corporate Design & Publishing

As a Senior Brand Manager, I have specialized in the field of branding 

and work passionately on the development and implementation of 

corporate design and brand experience rollouts. From the agency 

side, I responsibly oversee CD relaunches, website launches, as well 

as large-scale international trade show appearances for brands 

across various industries, including telecommunications, fashion, 

pharmaceuticals, finance, industry, public institutions, as well 

as media and publishing.